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It Takes a Village...

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

What an exciting time it has been over the last year for both Meg and I. For those of you that don't know me I am a private practice midwife who Loves birth and making a difference in women's and families lives. This year I ventured back into teaching midwifery to the next generation of student midwives and this meant taking on slightly less women than I have in the past. This did not have a negative impact upon outcomes and I just released my stats for the year. Wait for it....

100% vaginal birth rate.

100% unmedicated vaginal birth rate.

7 repeat families chose me again as their midwife.

4 women were first time mums choosing homebirth.

1 planned hospital birth for fetal heart condition.

Only successful vbacs this year!

One baby required resuscitation.

One woman had blood loss that needed management.

One of only two Certified Spinning Babies parent educators in Australia!

I flew over to the UK to become one of only two Spinning Babies Parent Educators in Australia.I now hold classes for anyone wishing to have a more comfortable pregnancy and and ease in their birth. Really great and practical tools for pregnancy and birth and positioning baby. Meg and I can both show you how best to position yourself and baby for birth.

Meg had a great year with her change from midwifery group practice to private practice after working so hard to fulfill all the requirements needed for the leap into community midwifery. Thank you for all the women and families who have supported us throughout the years. it really does take a village. Thank you for being a part of ours,

Love Maet and Meg,

We also got a new puppy!

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